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The AI co-pilot for your visitors

Offer a perfectly integrated chat experience on your website

Customized branding and design

Page-dependent teasers

Data integration for optimal personalization

Create a seamless customer experience with our fully configurable chat widget that fits perfectly into your website design.

Configure the widget in your brand design

Customize the appearance of your chat widget completely to your brand. Upload your own logo, choose an avatar and customize colors, fonts and message designs to your liking. Set initial states of the widget to control the interaction with your website visitors.

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Suitable teasers depending on the page and situation

Capture the interest of your users with customized teaser messages. Choose a standard teaser message or create conditional teasers that respond to specific URL patterns or user contexts to create an even more targeted customer experience.

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Capture important information such as names and email addresses to generate leads and provide personalized support experiences, in strict compliance with data protection.

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Entry Gate

Make the widget part of your website

The widget is not just an overlay but a networked component of your website. Exchange information such as order numbers or customer IDs seamlessly between the website and the chat widget and personalize your customers' chat.

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Powerful functions to expand your AI chatbot

GPT Question Answering

Simply give the chatbot your existing content and it will answer your customers' questions around the clock using generative AI. Based solely on your information.

Strukturierte Dialoge

Create dialog flows for a natural and targeted chat experience in process-relevant topics and for lead capture.

Escalate to Live-Chat

Automatic transfer of bot dialogs to live chat with service employees for complex requests or personal support.

Multi-Channel Integration

One chatbot, multiple channels. Seamless interaction with customers through web widget, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and Messenger.

No-Code Integrationen

Integrate your chatbot with other tools without any programming knowledge. Our intuitive platform enables quick and easy setup.


Gain valuable insights into your chatbot's performance with our analytics dashboards. Understand and optimize customer interactions for better results.

Robust Data Privacy

GDPR-compliant and hosted in Germany, our platform guarantees top-tier data privacy, including consent management.

Multilingual Chatbots

Service your customers globally with chatbots that converse in multiple languages, ensuring international reach.

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