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Create AI chatbots with GPT technology - trained with your data

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Give your chatbot its knowledge

Create a powerful AI chatbot within minutes. Simply upload a knowledge source such as a website or document. After a short training session, the bot is ready to be tested and answers questions exclusively about your content. It couldn't be easier.

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More knowledge is always possible

Create a variety of knowledge sources in different formats. Whether by crawling websites, uploading documents or connecting to your content management system - expand your bot and organize the knowledge by topic.

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From answer to problem solving

Expand the answers with relevant suggestions for next steps. This helps not only to provide users with information, but also to actively bring them closer to their goal. Follow-ups allow you to seamlessly combine generative answers to questions with structured dialog flows.

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Powerful functions to expand your AI chatbot

Strukturierte Dialoge

Create dialog flows for a natural and targeted chat experience in process-relevant topics and for lead capture.

Escalate to Live-Chat

Automatic transfer of bot dialogs to live chat with service employees for complex requests or personal support.

Customizable Chat Widget

Fully stylable web chat that adapts to your site's context and URLs, offering a seamless and personalized user experience.

Multi-Channel Integration

One chatbot, multiple channels. Seamless interaction with customers through web widget, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and Messenger.

No-Code Integrationen

Integrate your chatbot with other tools without any programming knowledge. Our intuitive platform enables quick and easy setup.


Gain valuable insights into your chatbot's performance with our analytics dashboards. Understand and optimize customer interactions for better results.

Robust Data Privacy

GDPR-compliant and hosted in Germany, our platform guarantees top-tier data privacy, including consent management.

Multilingual Chatbots

Service your customers globally with chatbots that converse in multiple languages, ensuring international reach.

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