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  • Comspace

    Transforming visions into solutions: comspace develops complex content management solutions for medium-sized and large companies. Corporate websites, portals or web apps engage and win customers, transform processes and sell products. With over 100 colleagues, the Bielefeld-based digital agency focuses on the highest quality in consulting, project management, web development and services.

    Comspace | Elsa-Brändström-Straße 2-4 | 33602 Bielefeld | Deutschland | +49 521 98647-0 |
  • intentive

    Intentive is the digital agency of choice for major brands, B2B champions and NGOs. With 20 years of experience from 1,400+ projects and distinctive B2B expertise, Intentive helps companies master the digitization of their business processes: holistically and straightforwardly. Strategy, UX & design, technology & support - all from one source! With a dedicated service desk and offices in Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Dresden, Mönchengladbach and Aarau (CH), Intentive supports customers in the D-A-CH region flexibly and with short distances.

    intentive | Am Nordpark 3 | 41069 Mönchengladbach | Deutschland | +49 2161 4736 0 |
  • neustaWebservices

    neusta webservices is the specialist for the technical design and implementation of modern enterprise digital experience platforms within team neusta. The owner-managed group of companies with over 1,500 employees offers consulting, development and implementation of complex software, mobile and e-commerce solutions in its core business. It also provides services in the areas of conception, artificial intelligence, design and usability. In Germany, team neusta, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023, has offices in Berlin, Bremen, Essen, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne and Munich, as well as in Switzerland.

    neustaWebservices | Turiner Straße 21 | 50668 Köln | Deutschalnd | +49 (0) 221/9139990 |
  • open4business

    open4business is a renowned digital full-service provider with extensive experience in custom software development, the portal environment, identity management, CMS, DAM and PIM. For 20 years, they have helped companies drive digital progress and develop effective business solutions by combining proven legacy elements with innovative new solutions.

    open4business | Teuringer Straße 45 | 88045 Friedrichshafen | Deutschalnd | +49 7541 6047-300 |
  • Conversation Design Institute

    Conversation Design Institute leads in training and certification for conversation designers, Conversational Copywriters, and AI Trainers. Their human-centric workflow has proven itself around the world. Our certificates ensure you create winning conversational experiences.

    As advocates for the Conversation Design profession, we continue to work closely with tech partners, agencies and other key players in the industry. With this support, Conversation Design Institute is well on its way to becoming the number one platform in conversation design.

  • KI Marktplatz

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important key to innovative and efficient product creation. With the AI Marketplace, we are creating an ecosystem that is unique in Germany and that will enable companies to tap the potential in this area. The lynchpin is the AI Marketplace platform of the same name, where providers, users and experts can jointly develop and exchange AI solutions. Our vision is a marketplace that intelligently links platform users according to their supply and demand profile, while at the same time providing a protected space for secure data exchange and data sovereignty.

    The AI Marketplace plays an important role in ensuring the competitiveness of industry and significantly increasing the global visibility of Germany in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It contributes to ensuring that "Artificial Intelligence (AI) made in Germany" becomes a globally recognized seal of quality.

  • eggheads

    eggheads is a medium-sized software company with more than 30 years of experience in the automation of product data processes. With the multichannel solution eggheads Suite, companies from a wide range of industries are supported in perfectly showcasing their products and increasing their competitive strength. Hidden champions, global corporations or medium-sized companies all had difficulties with their daily product data management. With eggheads Suite they quickly realized how easy it is to centralize, organize, maintain and distribute product information.

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Together we achieve more. To reach the best results, customers often need the interaction of software platforms, agencies and a strong network of experts. Whether implementing chatbots or integrating technologies - become a partner and let's leverage the power of Conversational AI for customers together.

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