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Conversational AI
for the future of customer service

AI chatbots and live messaging hand in hand. For efficient customer communication.

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Efficiency for your service processes

Automatic responses for recurring requests

You relieve your service staff and significantly reduce the average processing time per inquiry.

Customer satisfaction. Fast and easy.

By combining Conversational AI and live chat, you successfully answer customer inquiries in the shortest possible time.

Intelligent routing of complex requests to service agents

With Agent Handover, you gain the perfect combination of Conversational AI and your service agents.

Customer centricity with messaging

Automated communication. Where your customers are.

AI assistants provide helpful service directly in their customers' favorite channels at all times.

Direct help. Without waiting time.

With intelligent automation, your service is available without waiting - even in phases with particularly high numbers of requests.

Understand customer needs.

AI-based language understanding lets you accurately identify your customers' concerns and directly provide the right solution.

Answers even when your service team is asleep.

With your AI assistant, you can answer customer questions around the clock and on weekends.
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A clear contribution to service excellence

80%Automation rate for messaging-based customer requests.
76%of customer service leaders see increased CSAT from chatbots
95%reduction in customer wait time

What you need to know to make your chatbot project successful

ou would like to successfully launch a chatbot project, but you don't know how? No problem! We have the ultimate step-by-step guide for you on how to develop a successful chatbot.


Conversational AI solutions along the customer journey

ApplicationAreas Shopper Engagement

Conversational Commerce

Messaging for eCommerce - effective communication with customers.

ApplicationAreas CustomerService v2

Customer Service

Simple, fast and reliable - the chatbot for efficient customer service.

Fast to build, easy to improve.

No-Code Messaging Automation makes it easy to create transactional and contextual chatbots and virtual assistants with no code. So you don't need to be a programmer to get your conversational AI application up and running quickly.

Natural Language Processing

Understand what your users want and what entities they are talking about. Run your own model, trained for your bot.

Dialog Engine

You bot performs mixed initiative conversations that are driven by context, and highly personalized.

Leistungsfähige Integrationen und Workflows

The ability to integrate with any API and perform transactions gives your bot agency beyond just answering questions.
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