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Create smart AI assistants for your business!

No-Code Conversational AI platform

Conversation Editor

Easily design conversational flows and behaviors without limiting the resulting bot to static tree-like experiences.


Understand what your users want and what entities they are talking about. Run your own model, trained for your bot.

Dialog Engine

You bot performs mixed initiative conversations that are driven by context, and highly personalized.

Workflow Actions

The ability to integrate with any API and perform transactions gives your bot agency beyond just answering questions.

Design your bot

Visual dialogue editor

Create user centered conversational automation beyond rigid flows.


Natural Language Understanding

Understanding your customers is the basis for every successful solution. NLU allows the Mercury platform to understand the everyday language of your customers – be it in text or speech.

NLP Interpretation

Built-in dialogue intelligence

Contextual Dialog Engine

Intelligent dialogue functions

The dialogue engine handles many essential tasks of good dialogue without you having build them:

Active Learning

Automatically improve language understanding by asking questions and collecting new training data.


A natural behavior in case of non-comprehension brings users back to the dialog and closer to their goal.


Take the initiative at the right moment: Your bot can request or confirm information from your customers according to the dialog situation without you having to define flows.


If it is ever unclear what a message is supposed to mean, the automatic prompts provide clarity with automatic suggestions.

Consent management

From opt-in to data disclosure and deletion: We bring everything you need for GDPR-compliant Messenger use.

Escalation to human agents

Sometimes customers just need a human to talk to. A chatbot conversation via Mercury can be taken over by a human at any time.


Mercury Workflows offer you integrations without limits. Triggered in dialogs or via platform APIs, they enable complex automation processes and thus particularly valuable application options for your bot.


Your Customers want to talk to you. Go ahead!