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The inbox for AI supported teams


Multi-Channel Live Messaging

The Inbox clearly combines the chats of all your messaging channels - whether website chat or dialogs via WhatsApp - in one place.

Wherever your customers are - you're right with them with answers, services and timely information.

Escalation routing and forwarding

Always forward users to the right live agents to get the best support possible.

Handover rules allow you to precisely assign cases by topic and speed up the pre-qualification process.

Manage your live agent teams

Manage your service teams

Organize your teams by subject area or business unit.

Control the availability of live chat

Adjust the availability of your agent teams to best fit your processes.

Load control for quick responses

Ensure fast response times with intelligent load control of your agents, even in live chat.

The Inbox – your teams headquarter

Successful live messaging is a team sport, and for that, your team needs the right foundation.

Answer templates

Predefined messages offer your life-agents speed, ensure consistency and show potential for future automation.

Agent capacity limits

Adjust the number of concurrent chats per agent, to comply with internal governance regulation

Live-Chat Analytics

Analyze the workload, response speed and chat performance of your service teams.

Chat transfer

Have your agents forward chats to their colleagues - within the team or across the organization.

CRM Syncronization

By synchronizing with your CRM system, you always keep your central customer data up-to-date.

Inbox filter

Filter your inbox for detailed user criteria, escalation status or channels to quality-control your conversations.

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