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Directly in WhatsApp!
Offer your customers real solutions instead of standard FAQs.

The AI chatbot that not only talks to your customers, but also to your store system, service desk, CRM and fulfillment interfaces.

With simple setup - no development effort.

The WhatsApp Advantage

Your customers' favorite communication channel.

WhatsApp beats Email

WhatsApp outperforms email with above-average engagement, open, and click-through rates. Thanks to a large number of active users, it is possible to communicate with a broad target group in real time.

Direct & Personal Communication

Engage customers swiftly and personally, driving seamless service and fostering loyalty.

Trusted & Scalable Communication

WhatsApp ensures authenticity in each interaction and, with its Business features, boosts your service capabilities.
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Everything you need to succeed on   WhatsApp

AI-Chatbot for Personalized Dialogue

It understands the needs of the customer and adjusts the course of the conversation accordingly.

Seamless WhatsApp’s Business API integration

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by automating messages and handling requests using the WhatsApp Business API.

Live Chat inbox for your service team

Optimize your staff's workload and availability by efficiently escalating bot interactions to your service team.

No-Code Integrations to your processes

Put an end to traditional FAQs. Our bot offers direct chat solutions such as automatic return labels, shipment tracking and voucher credits.

Comprehensive Analytics

Detailed analysis of customer interactions, refinement of data reporting and optimization of your capacity and resource planning.

Innovative & Secure

Benefit from cutting-edge generative AI while maintaining full control over your messaging. Prioritize privacy with servers located in Germany.

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Successfully used by leading brands

Volkswagen Financial Services

Your benefits

Pricing Plan Enterprise

Reduced Customer Support Costs

Cut down on support resources by automating routine queries.

Pricing Plan Enterprise

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Instant support and real-time updates mean happier customers.

Pricing Plan Enterprise

More Repeat Purchases

Strengthening customer loyalty through perfect service, and transparent communication.

Seamless integrations. Get up and running in days, not weeks.

With no-code integrations, you can connect exactly the tools you need. Without any programming. Your bot talks directly to your store system, service desk, CRM and fulfillment, and integrates seamlessly into your processes.


Make WhatsApp the superpower for your customer communication

In our demo, you'll learn how to bring your service to WhatsApp. And thus directly into your customers' favorite communication channel. With super simple setup and no development effort.

__We show you: __

✅ how our AI helps you to answer 80% of the topics automatically.

✅ How integrations allow you to finalize service requests directly in the bot.

✅ how generative AI supports you, and you still keep full control over all your answers.

✅ How you can write personally to your customers via the messaging inbox.

✅ How you can gain valuable insights through our analytics.